"Helping people take steps towards independence"




Rafael Contreras

I was born in a small town called San Luis La Loma, Guerrero, near Acapulco. I immigrated to the United States a few months after I was born.

My family and I lived in Los Angeles, California for 5 years and then came to live in Dallas, Texas. I have lived in Dallas for the past 20 years and consider it my hometown of life. I assist the Registered Nurse at Paso a Paso. We work together to help our families reach independence step by step. I went to Booker T. Washington High school and majored in dance. After high school I went for my Associates in Science at the Dallas County Community College District. I was unsure of what career I wanted in life, but I did know the fact that I enjoy helping others.  Recently I applied at Strayer University to pursue a bachelor in Health Care Administration and at the same time applied at Paso a Paso. I felt that all the pieces were coming together in my life and know what I want to do as a career for my future. With my positive attitude and charming personality, I will use my experience and education to make a difference in the lives of many families and in the future.

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