"Helping people take steps towards independence"




Maria Gonzalez

My name is Maria Gonzalez, I’m a foster care coordinator at Paso a Paso. I’m from a small town near Monterrey, Mexico and came to Dallas, TX  at the age of 8 yrs.


 I graduated from Thomas Jefferson High School and look forward in furthering my education.  My life has had a positive change since I came to Paso a Paso. It is a satisfaction to be able to speak for others  with their best interest in mind.  I started as a nurse assistant on November 2009  where I learned that beyond doing my job it is a satisfaction knowing that I am helping many people. I’m very thankful to be in this field where my responsibilities intercedes to improve the welfare of families. After dedicating almost 4 years of my life to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, I have found  that every day I learn new techniques to improve their services for higher quality. I’ll continue to provide quality services in order to maintain the satisfaction of the individuals we serve as well as their families.



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