"Helping people take steps towards independence"




Carlos Alva

My name is Carlos Alva. I am from  a small town in  Peru called Laredo. I Graduated as a school teacher  and came to this  beautiful country  17 years ago

 to follow my dreams and have better opportunities to support my family, now, living in Dallas has granted me the opportunity to notice the many  people around us. Working at Paso a Paso I think about how unique our clients lives must be just like everyone else’s. When I came into this field almost 2 years ago, I started as Receptionist getting familiar with the industry and the families, I didn’t expect  for it to change my life the way it has. I am now a Foster Care Coordinator and I feel so blessed to have the chance to work with people in the IDD community. I love what I do and who I work with. There is still much to learn in this field, and I am definitely looking forward to what else I am capable of doing for the individuals we serve!


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